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Where to Eat Oysters in Barcelona

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Succulent and with a unique texture, oysters have always been associated with luxury dining and restaurants in major cities with high prices, far beyond the reach of most diners. Fortunately, nowadays this is just a myth, and anyone wishing to eat oysters in Barcelona can do so at a reasonable price, without sacrificing quality. Trying such a top-quality product is an experience that must be lived at least once in a lifetime.

At Chao Pescao, we want all our customers to be able to experience it without having to dig too deep into their pockets and moreover, taste different varieties of this mollusc, to appreciate the immense world that gastronomy offers to oyster enthusiasts.

Oysters, a “royal” delicacy now available to everyone

Those who wish to eat oysters in Barcelona do so for two main reasons: either out of a passion for gastronomy and the desire to try everything that is placed on the table, or because it is a product closely associated with luxury.

Indeed, oysters have long been part of that group of “select seafood” which along with other delicacies such as lobster, are highly valued in European and Oriental cuisines.

However, the large-scale production in the Atlantic region of our country and France has led to a reduction in prices for this product in recent times. In conclusion: nowadays, there are options to try the best European oysters on the market at affordable prices.

Benefits Associated with Oysters

Beyond the taste and texture experience that this food offers, consuming oysters has many other benefits for people who occasionally include them in their diet.

It is a seafood with excellent nutritional balance, very comprehensive in terms of its contribution of vitamins and minerals, among which, vitamins A, D, B1, B2, and C stand out, as well as iron, magnesium, and omega-3.

Those looking for where to eat oysters in Barcelona may not know that, in addition to treating their taste buds, they are also investing in their health. Various scientific studies have shown that eating oysters improves exercise endurance, they are a very low-calorie food, and help, among other things, to prevent cardiovascular diseases and reduce bad cholesterol.

Eating Oysters in Barcelona: Chao Pescao

The two reference oysters — Galician and French — on the Chao Pescao menu, have gradually become the most common orders among our starters. This is true for both our locations: the Chao Pescao restaurant at La Maquinista Shopping Centre and the Chao Pescao restaurant at 318 Consell de Cent Street in Barcelona.

Customers choose this delicacy because it comes from a place specialized in seafood, with fresh ingredients treated by specialists. In summary: we make it possible to eat oysters freshly arrived from the sea, shucked and cleaned by experts and then served properly. All to ensure that as the oyster slides down the diner’s throats, it brings a smile to their faces.

In addition to this, pairing it with a grilled octopus tentacle, a delicious tuna tartare, and, as a main course, a good plate of Andalusian-style anchovies or grilled fish, is a combination that our market and dining room team recommends for those who want to enjoy the full flavour of the sea at their table.

Where to Eat Oysters

But there’s more. Our Oyster Bar is a concept entirely focused on oysters: in a quick, simple, and informal manner, diners can sit at the bar and enjoy an excellent selection of oysters when it’s time for an aperitif.

Chao Pescao or eating the sea

Choosing Chao Pescao as your oyster restaurant in Barcelona is to embark on a unique experience for the diner. The menu of the establishment is considered as an “ode” to the world of the sea in one of Europe’s best fishing ports.

This means that all the products on the menu are not only fresh and recently caught, but our specialized team selects the best products and brings them to the table with the most suitable recipes for each fish or seafood.

Furthermore… you can enjoy fish and seafood by weight! The concept of Chao Pescao allows customers to choose the product after seeing our selection of fresh seafood, the quantity they want of it and even how they want it prepared. This way, you can enjoy high-quality fish at market prices in a restaurant.

Eating Oysters in Barcelona

The wine-pairing, key for oysters and the rest of the menu

When it comes to enjoying such an outstanding product as oysters, the experience must be complete. That’s why wine enthusiasts will find various options to combine with their meal as they wish.

Champagnes, cavas and even whites and reds that can complement seafood and oysters are part of our exclusive wine cellar, so that the experience of trying this “royal delicacy” is truly luxurious and exclusive.

Eating oysters in Barcelona at our establishments is a plan that more and more locals and tourists choose daily, to treat themselves as they deserve. We await you at our two restaurants to offer you a unique culinary experience.

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