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The Best Fish to Grill

Pescados a la plancha

Grilled fish is a simple, tasty and healthy dish that we should include in our regular diet. The sea offers us a great variety of products that can be cooked in many ways. Grilling is one of the most easy and versatile ways to prepare fish. The abundance of nutrients in fish helps us to incorporate a highly healthy food into our family menus. We’ll inform you on which is the best fish for grilling and what side dishes go perfectly with each one.


It is probably the most popular and flavourful choice of grilled fish. Thanks to its high fat content, it’s a perfect choice for grilling because it doesn’t dry out easily.

To add an extra boost of flavour, we recommend adding some fresh or dried dill leaves or a touch of orange zest at the last moment of cooking.

Vegetable side dishes are ideal for complementing the strong and rich flavour of salmon. Try grilling some asparagus, serving it with a rocket and cherry tomato salad, or lightly grilling some endives to go along with it.

If you feel like having some sauce with it, we recommend tartar sauce which adds some acidity.
Salmon is rich in proteins and omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for the proper functioning of the human body and beneficial for cardiovascular health and the central nervous system. It is also a good source of vitamin D and selenium.

Fresh Salmon
Fresh salmon from the seafood restaurant in Barcelona Chao Pescao


The firm flesh of tuna makes it one of the best fish options for grilling as it holds together well. Fatty areas like the belly become very juicy when grilled. The key is not to overcook it and to grill it over high heat to achieve a seared exterior while keeping the interior pink.

The spices and seasonings that enhance the flavour of grilled tuna the most are freshly ground black pepper, garlic, lemon, and oregano.

For side dishes, we recommend mashed potatoes and cauliflower or an avocado and pink tomato tartar. Tuna also pairs well with green leaf salads and vegetables dressed with acidic flavors, such as carrots seasoned with vinegar and cumin.

Tuna is an excellent source of high-quality proteins, which contribute to the growth and maintenance of the body’s muscle tissues. Additionally, it is rich in essential fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory effects and can help to to reduce the risk of heart disease. Tuna also contains vitamins B12 and D, as well as essential minerals such as iron, zinc, and selenium.

Tuna tataki Chao Pescao
Tuna tataki, one of Chao Pescao’s specialties

Croaker (Corvina)

Croaker has firm and delicately flavored flesh. To prevent it from breaking apart, it’s best to cook it with just a little oil and turn it over only once during cooking.

The most classic and typical seasoning in western Andalusia is garlic and parsley. However, it also pairs well with oriental flavors. Try adding a seasoning based on soy sauce, lemongrass, and ginger to enjoy new and exciting combinations.

If you want to prepare an Asian-inspired dish, pair the croaker with glass noodles or jasmine rice prepared with vegetables like broccoli, bean sprouts, or carrots.

If you prefer a more classic touch, combine it with a roasted red pepper salad or Catalan grilled vegetables (escalivada).

Croaker is a nutritionally interesting fish with high-quality proteins, minerals like phosphorus, iron, and calcium, and vitamins B12 and D. Croaker is low in fats and calories, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a healthy diet.


Mackerel is a firm and very flavourful fish, perfect for grilling. Be careful not to overcook it to prevent it from drying out. The best way to grill it is to ask your fishmonger to butterfly it or prepare it in fillets.

Season your mackerel with citrusy flavours. Lemon zest or juice is a good option. It’s also common to prepare it with a garlic and parsley paste.

Ideal side dishes to accompany mackerel are those that complement its strong flavour and provide a fresh contrast. Some oyster mushrooms or button mushrooms grilled until they are toasted are a safe bet. A cucumber and wakame salad will add a crunchy touch, that’s perfect for this fish.

In addition to its high protein content, mackerel stands out as a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and selenium, which are essential for reproductive health and for a strong immune system.

Grilled mackerel
Grilled mackerel

We’ve already discussed the benefits of fish and now you know which are the best varieties for grilling and how to prepare them. Of course, there are many more such as monkfish, to which we have dedicated a whole post where we explain how to cook monkfish.

But if you want to treat yourself to perfectly grilled fish without having to cook, we await you here at Chao Pescao. Our chefs specialise in preparing fish with the utmost care so that it arrives from the market to your table just the way you like it.

What are you waiting for to visit us? We currently have two Chao Pescao seafood franchises, one seafood restaurant in La Maquinista and another on Consell de Cent (Barcelona).

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