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The fish with the least mercury you can eat

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We are increasingly interested in what we eat: we check the origin of eggs, choose to buy grass-fed meat, and gradually eliminate ultra-processed foods…

What about the marine world? One of the main concerns of diners who come to our seafood restaurants in Barcelona is to eat healthy products, which have the lowest level of negative elements and substances in their system.

In this regard, fish with less mercury are the most sought after by the general population.

The oceans currently contain mercury derived from volcanic or industrial activity. This mercury degrades into microparticles called methylmercury, which are ingested by small fish and passed on to larger fish when the latter eat the former.

Due to the differences in diet between types of fish, there are fish with less mercury and others where the presence of this element is higher.

A general knowledge of what types of food contain mercury and which do not will ensure your family’s diet is correct, healthy, and delicious.

What happens if we eat fish with mercury

The first thing to consider is that eating fish and seafood is, in general, healthy, safe, and recommended. This is supported by organizations such as AECOSAN, the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition, which regularly disseminates advice and recommendations to reduce the intake of harmful foods and promote healthy diets.

For this institution, all Spanish companies that market quality raw materials, with all guarantees of traceability, are suitable places for the purchase and consumption of food derived from fishing by the general population.

Obviously, knowing that some of the most popular types of fish have a high presence of mercury, it is advisable to reduce the consumption of these as much as possible. And preferably opt for low-mercury options, which can also provide other benefits for the body.

The World Health Organization indicates that the human body eliminates heavy metals very slowly, so continued intake of these components could end up causing damage to the brain, liver, and kidneys.

Moreover, WHO particularly emphasizes that children under ten years, infants, and pregnant women limit altogether, if possible, the presence of fish with mercury in their diet.

Sardines, one of the fish with less mercury
Sardines, one of the fish with less mercury

Which fish have less mercury

Most of the fish consumed in the Mediterranean diet do not have a high presence of this harmful element in their system. This allows for an extensive list of fish with less mercury, offering seafood lovers a wide range of options for cooking.

Among them, the healthiest low-mercury fish are the following:


Sardines are one of the most recommended fish if we are looking for mercury-free fish. The fact that they are very present in our cuisine facilitates their consumption, as almost everyone is accustomed to eating them either grilled or on skewers. They also provide a lot of protein and calcium.


Although it is more of a cephalopod, as such, it is one of the most beloved marine ingredients in Chao Pescao seafood restaurants, precisely because of its low mercury load, among other things. Rich, tender, and well-cooked, the squid is a great ally in the kitchen for its versatility.

Sea Bream

Wild sea bream is an economical delicacy, very easy to cook, and versatile, such as the classic sea bream in salt or sea bream “a la espalda”. They are considered mercury-free fish and are always a hit when placed on the table.

Red Bream

Large fish are often associated with the presence of mercury. However, this is not the case with red bream, which is also very easy to work with and can be cooked in many ways. The red bream is one of those marine treasures that will allow any seafood lover to enjoy without risking their health.


The anchovy is, probably, one of the most consumed foods in Spain: low in fats, rich in proteins, with hardly any carbohydrates and, more importantly, it is a fish low in mercury.

Blue whiting

Also very common in our country’s kitchens, the blue whiting is a white fish usually found fried. In addition to having a minimal presence of mercury, it provides a lot of iron to the body and very little fat, so it is considered one of the most interesting choices for regular consumption.

These are just some of the options that we at the Chao Pescao menu offer to customers who want to consume fish with less mercury and leave for special occasions pieces like bluefin tuna, where the presence of this element is higher.

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