Seafood Restaurant
Fresh Fish and Seafood by weight!


1. The Market

Catch your product!

Enjoy our spectacular fresh fish and seafood market. Choose your product, the quantity you want and the way you want us to cook it!

Unique experience. Enjoy the best fresh produce in the city at market prices.


2. Order your wine and appetizers

At Chao Pescao we have designed the best D.O. and drinks to accompany your experience, always thinking of you and offering you the best value for your money in the city.

You can also enjoy our appetizers, homemade vermouths, sangrias and pickles while you wait for your order.


3. Collect your number and choose the best table

It’s time for our team to give you the “Chao number” that identifies your food order.

Enter our cozy local, move your mind to your favorite beach bar and select the table where you will enjoy the experience.


4. Enjoy!

A real experience starts.

Enjoy a journey of flavors while you relax without worrying about anything else. Let the magic of our dishes surprise you!


Fun, fast and tasty.

At our Oyster bar you can quickly and easily taste the best selection of oysters combined with the best cavas and champagnes for every occasion.

Undoubtedly the best place for an afterwork during the week, an appetizer or vermouth during the day or at night.


Our concept is not only groundbreaking and fun. At Chao Pescao we bring to your palate not only the best of the sea but the whole concept of healthy Mediterranean food.

Salads, creams, soups and starters always from the hand of the sea for you to enjoy from a healthy perspective to your body.


Our premises are corners and scents of the sea in the best locations in the heart of the city.

A nod to the desired beach bar, mixed in the spectacular interior design that will make you feel a unique experience.

Customer Reviews

Narce Boloy diaz
3 reseñas
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A unique, pleasant and cozy place 100% recommended. Chao Pescao the best seafood restaurant in Barcelona.
David Martinez Moreno
1 reseña
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Quality product, magnificent atmosphere and service, and a very good location, two steps from Paseo de Gracia. Without a doubt, a perfect option to visit in Barcelona.
Flavia Martineau
Local Guide · 76 reseñas · 305 fotos
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I loved this place that now, with new owners with innovative ideas, does maintain the concept of Seafood and Fishmongers, practically the catch of the day, that is, from the sea to the table and where you have the ability to choose at will with assistance from the best polyglot what you want and how much you want to eat. Then pay to go to the table and wait for your number is very fast! Especially delighted when calling to confirm schedules an accent became very familiar to me and the food and new culinary additions unsurpassed. I recommend mussels with Thai sauce and the Tuna Tartar with 🥑 ufffff😋 also you can't leave without trying the grilled prawns, oysters (from the Oyster bar), fish and fried octopus and stop counting!
Angela Maria Quintero Pachón
Local Guide · 417 reseñas · 238 fotos
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Excellent food, fresh and well prepared seafood and fish, I recommend the oysters and scallops.
Oscar M.T.
Local Guide
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Chao Pescao, a seafood and fish restaurant by weight that aims to make the term seafood stand out, offering an unforgettable experience at the best value for money on the market. Its experience in the sector of more than 25 years, with a fresh product market that has just arrived daily and the peculiar system in the purest original style of the southern fishing ports make Chao Pescao a wonderful restaurant for lunch or dinner and taste the best seafood in Barcelona.
Rosa B
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Fish by weight, a wide variety to choose from and they cook it to your liking, and they serve it to you at the table, very attentive service.
Verushka M
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We went to try a different place. A fresh fish and seafood market. From the first moment very good treatment by the staff, both waiters and "fishmonger" staff, I don't know what to call that nice woman who served us and explained how everything worked.
Giorgia Costantini
Local Guide
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The best fish restaurant in Barcelona!
C. Costa
Local Guide · 83 reseñas · 43 fotos
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One of the best seafood restaurants in Barcelona that I have tried. Fresh fish and seafood at an affordable price and freshly cooked to your liking. I recommend the oysters from yhe Oyster Bar and the lobster. One of the best restaurants I've been to. A good place to eat a seafood platter in Barcelona in a relaxed atmosphere.
Denise Fenick
Local Guide
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I loved the concept of the sea at the table. We chose our seafood, they cooked it while we enjoyed a bottle of Saltambangui white wine, oysters and olives. The staff was very kind. It allowed me to practice my Spanish. Thank you❤️
Ivan Dzivinskyi
Local Guide
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I highly recommend that restaurant, experienced and very good, fresh seafood, very tasty oysters. Thanks to the restaurant and stuff for a perfect dinner!
Vero VG
Local Guide
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Restaurant where you choose the seafood and fish to be cooked the way you want. Both the guy who is at the fish stand and the one who serves you the drinks are very friendly. The place is very nice and very well organized. We ordered Galician octopus, mussels with Thai sauce, Andalusian cuttlefish and razor clams and it was all delicious. We will definitely go back to try other dishes.
Francisco G.
Read More
Delicious food, large fresh seafood, very well cooked, the place has a very cozy atmosphere, sincerely highly recommended, to return every time and when. 10/10
Franci Sav
Local Guide
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Excellent experience, high quality and a very good idea. Everything has been great, the fish was fresh and cooked super well, the restaurant is really nice.


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